House Cleaning


Frequently Asked Questions

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How many house cleaners will you be sending for my house cleaning?

Providing house cleaners always vary. Minimum 1 cleaner for studio apartment cleaning service.

2 cleaners for 3 or 4 room HDB flats. And cleaning time taken will not be the same. The bigger the house, the longer hour and more cleaner will be required.

What is the house cleaning payment procedure?

Booking is required for your preferred cleaning date and time. Booking can be done by making down payment and it can be transferred by bank transfer (ATM transfer, ibanking transfer, cheque). Balance cash can be paid to cleaners after cleaning done.(for one time house cleaning service)

I don't have local bank account to pay down payment for booking of my house cleaning. What should I do?

We have many clients who don't have local account. You can go to nearest DBS bank and do cash deposit at the counter. You just need to inform the bank staff that you want to do cash deposit and bank staff will help you to do. We will send our bank account details. You can do it at DBS cash deposit machine by yourself too.

What is the required cleaning equipments and detergents I need to provide?

You just need to provide basic cleaning materials to clean your house. We have standard list of house cleaning equipments and detergents. We will give you the list for your reference after cleaning date confirmation.

Will I need to sign a cleaning service contract?

Not necessary

Can I know what's spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a yearly cleaning for your house. Especially, cleaning is done just before hari raya, Chinese new year, deepavali and christmas seasons.

Can I have replacement house cleaner if I am not satisfied with the current part time cleaner?

We always encourage our customers to try a cleaner for 3 or 4 times as the part time helper needs to adapt to each client's needs and different priorities. We will replace a cleaner if there is still have an unsatisfactory cleaning after 3 or 4 house cleaning sessions. Replacing a cleaner is subject to availability. House cleaning service will be stopped or postponed if there is no replacement part time cleaner.

What can SG house cleaning do if something lost after house cleaning service?

Even though our cleaners are trustworthy, all of your valuable items should be kept to avoid any misunderstanding while there is house cleaning. If something lost, please inform us immediately, and we will be responsible for the maximum amount of SGD $100. If the lost item is more than SGD $100, you can get help from the police to investigate the cleaner. We, SG house cleaning service will not be responsible for any complain after 24hrs.

Are the house cleaners Singaporean?

House cleaners are Singaporean, PR, Myanmar & Malaysian.

Do you charge any additional for weekend cleaning service?

Additional $10 per cleaner for one time house cleaning and $10 per cleaning session for weekly house cleaning service.

What can SG house cleaning do in case of any household item breakage?

Cleaners from SG house cleaning service are always careful in handling things that can get easily broken. But in case of any breakage by our cleaners, SG house cleaning service will only be liable for a maximum of SGD $100. We, SG house cleaning service would not be responsible if it’s due to wear and tear.

Can I make a last minute booking to get your cleaning service on the same day?

Please give us a call if you need house cleaning service urgently. We will try our best to arrange the cleaners for your house cleaning. It will be better if you could allow us minimum two days to arrange the cleaners for you house cleaning.

Can I know your cleaning company service hours?

It's from 8:30am to 8:30pm everyday.

Can the cleaning checklist be customized according to my house cleaning requirement?

Of course. Cleaning checklist can be customized and prioritized depending on your house requirement and given cleaning time.

Is there any cancellation charges after making down payment to fix the one time house cleaning appointment?

Yes, there will be no refund for the cancellation less than 24 hrs prior to cleaning appointment. There is $50 of administration charges for the cancellation more than 24 hrs prior to the appointment.

Is there any re-scheduling charges after making down payment to fix the one time house cleaning appointment?

There is $50 of administration charges for the re-scheduling in less than 24 hrs prior to the appointment. Deposit will be forfeited if you inform to re-schedule in less than 3 hrs.

How will make sure house cleaners will turn up after I have transferred the down payment for the booking of one time house cleaning service?

Standard official invoice will be issued through the email which will be stating company name, registration number, contact details, house cleaning package and rates. Receipt will be emailed too upon receiving of down payment.

How do you arrange if we need to cancel the house cleaning due to we are on vacation? We will less off 1 cleaning fees or how is your arrangements?

Please inform us in minimum 24hrs in advance if you need to go for vacation. House cleaning session will be postponed to next week. House cleaning session will be forfeited by informing less than 24hrs regarding cleaning session cancellation. We allow postponing the cleaning session maximum of 2 weeks. It will be forfeited too in case of postponing the cleaning session more than 2 weeks.

How will i know the helper will turn up after I paid for booking?

In case of scheduled cleaner not able to come due to taking M/C or leave, we will try to send replacement cleaner. If there is no replacement, will re-schedule another day. We will refund if there is no replacement and cannot be re-schedule.

What is the termination notice period?

One month is the best for us to arrange the cleaner for other clients.