House Cleaning


Terms of Our House Cleaning Services

These are the terms of our house cleaning service. We will email this page link to customer in order to make sure to know the service terms before booking our cleaning appointment.

House Cleaning Service
Our cleaner will perform only the house cleaning tasks, which are agreed earlier before fixing the cleaning appointment between the SG house cleaning and client. Cleaner will not do any additional requested works, which are not agreed earlier.

If you will not be at home on the appointment day, it is important for the client to pass down the agreed job scopes and information to the person who will be at home on house cleaning day. So that, that person will know what are the cleaning tasks cleaners going to do and what are the necessary cleaning tools and detergents to provide to cleaners if client choose to provide own cleaning tools and products.

Standard list of cleaning tools and detergents will be given to client and client is required to prepare it before cleaner’s arrival or before the appointment time.

If client go and buy the cleaning materials, only after cleaners have arrived, house cleaning starting time is still be their arrival time even they are not able to start work. Cleaner will perform only the jobs that they can do in agreed time frame. They may not continue to work for extension time to complete the job if they have another house to go and work.

Cleaning quality and outcome will be depended on what kind of cleaning tools and detergents provided to cleaner.

Some examples are stated below.Cleaner will not able to clean / dust the furniture if client didn’t provide clothes to wipe.Using broom to clean the floor is not as good as using vacuum cleaner and it will take longer time to dust the floor. Dust from even very small corner can be removed by using vacuum cleaner while broom cannot be used to do so.Cleaner will not able to clean the higher area if client didn’t provide the ladder. So, it is important for the client to provide cleaning tools and detergents, those are safe and proper working conditions.

Cleaner will not do any lifting or moving for heavy or bulky items such as washing machine, refrigerator, dryer, cabinets to clean behind or underneath the objects. If required to clean such area, client needs to move those objects before cleaner arrival.

Cabinets, wardrobes and drawers are required to be emptied too before our cleaner arrival if it is necessary to clean inside.

Cleaner will not clean any hanging lights or chandelier, as those are fragile and easy to break.
Cleaner will reject to perform the cleaning if they think there is safety risks in requested cleaning tasks. Some examples are stated below.
  • Climbing and cleaning very high area.
  • Cleaning external surfaces of the windows.
  • Using strong chemical or acid to clean stubborn stains.
Only washing machine will be used for laundry, no manual hand wash.
Client needs to make sure there is electricity and water at the house where cleaning service takes place. No cleaning service will be performed and deposit will be forfeited if failure to do so.
Disposing of rubbish is not more than medium size, one rubbish bag. Client needs to get agreement with us, prior to the cleaning session if there are a lot of rubbish and more than one rubbish bag to throw.