One time house cleaning service is different from regular weekly house cleaning services.

  • For regular weekly house cleaning service, whole house cleaning will not be completed in only one cleaning session as manpower arrangement, cleaning time duration and house cleaning job scopes are completely different from one time house cleaning services. 
  • For one time house cleaning services, it is necessary to complete whole house cleaning in one house cleaning session. Manpower and cleaning time of one time house cleaning is more and longer than weekly house cleaning.

Windows and grills cleaning, fan cleaning, cleaning internal surfaces of the drawer, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet and refrigerator are required to clean in one time house cleaning such as house moving in cleaning, moving out cleaning, handover cleaning, etc. 

But those stated cleaning job tasks are not necessary to finish to clean in every cleaning session for regular weekly house cleaning service. Those house cleaning job scopes can be done rotational basic.Customer may customise and prioritize the job scopes and ask the part time cleaner to complete in 4 hours or 5 hours of cleaning time.

One time house-cleaning rate will not be the same even though for the same house’s size as house cleanliness and required job scopes may be varied from house to house.

Following is an example.

Let’s compare two houses that have same floor area 1000 square feet but different job scopes.

First house has many ceiling fans and stand fans like 5 to 6 or more quantity while second house does not have even one fan. One time house-cleaning rate for the 1st house will be higher than the 2nd house, as longer cleaning time and more cleaners are needed to clean the fans.

Here is another example for the two houses with different cleanliness but same floor area.

1st house is dirty with some stains at kitchen, toilet and bathrooms those needed scrubbing and cannot be cleaned by normal wiping and dusting while 2nd house does not have any stains to remove and required only dusting. So cleaning service rate for the 1st house will be definitely higher than the 2nd house as longer house cleaning time or more part time cleaner are needed to scrub and remove the stains.

Customers are encouraged to inform SG house cleaning service provider in advance if there are some stains at the house and additional cleaning tasks required. Please send some pictures of the house if the house is dirty and messy, when you contact to us to get one time cleaning services rate.

Our one time house cleaning rates / prices will be based on normal dusting and standard one time house cleaning job scopes if customer did not informed about any additional job scopes and removing stains during the enquiry. 

Click here for one time house cleaning price / rate & standard one time house cleaning job scopes.

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