Post Renovation Cleaning Service Singapore:

Be it after whole house renovation or just upgrading only the toilet, SG house cleaning can do professionally for post renovation cleaning too.

House renovation work will cause so much dust and your house will be very dusty after renovation.

We always advice the customers to ask renovation contractor to do first round of general cleaning or acid wash to clear all the debris.

Our cleaners will do second time thorough cleaning as first round of cleaning after renovation works, which is done by renovation contractor will never make your house sparkling clean.

We are happy to help in dusting/wiping of all walls, floors, skirting, switches, kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes, drawers, etc.,

Our post renovation cleaning service (after renovation cleaning) will make your house spotless, dust-free and smell great. Our cleaners will amaze you after they have completed the job by their professional cleaning service. Our cleaners are well trained and specialized in post renovation cleaning too.

** Our post renovation cleaning service rate starts from $110 package which is suitable for studio apartment less than 500 square feet. ** 

Things to take note for house renovation cleaning:

·      It is necessary to make sure that all the renovation works and other contractor’s work (e.g.: air-con service, fixing curtain/blinds and plumbing) are finished before we come and clean for second time thorough cleaning. House will be dusty/dirty again even after thorough cleaning if the renovation works are still going on. Please plan and book house cleaning appointment date after the renovation works are totally completed.

·      It is important to make sure the PUB (water & electricity) supply is activated.

Post Renovation Cleaning Service Rate for Studio Apartment With 1 Bedroom

- Size of the house less than 500 sq-ft,1 cleaner service for 3~4 hours,  $110, 

- Size of the house less than 700 sq-ft,1 cleaner service for 3~4 hours,  $130, 

Engage post renovation cleaning service provider that can do professionally.

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