Following stated cleaning services are called professional house cleaning services as those cleaning can be handled by professional cleaners who are well trained, specialized and dedicated to do only this type of cleaning service, not by a normal maid.

Post renovation cleaning  

We always encourage our customers to ask house renovation contractor to do first round of general cleaning to clear all the debris, cement, stones, broken bricks, painting spots and stains after renovation. So customers can save some money to pay for house cleaning charges for longer house cleaning hours.  House will be still dusty because of the renovation works and renovation contractor won’t do deep cleaning to remove the dust.

Our professional house cleaners will come and do second time thorough cleaning / deep cleaning if customer engaged our house cleaning service after house renovation.

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Spring cleaning  

It’s a yearly home cleaning to celebrate and enjoy Christmas, Deepavali, Hari raya & Chinese New Year. 

Our customers want their home very clean as their relatives and friends is visiting during the festivals.Singapore house cleaning service will take care of the home cleaning if customers get our professional home cleaning service. 

Customers are encouraged to book “Singapore house cleaning service” minimum two to three weeks in advance if the festival is coming.

It will be very hard to get your desired cleaning date and time if booking is late.

Home Improvement cleaning:

It's a kind of house cleaning after HDB upgraded the apartments under Home Improvement Program (HIP). 

All the furniture, electrical appliances and cabinets should be covered before the upgrading as the whole house is going to be dusty from the upgrading works. By doing so, you can minimise the house cleaning time after HIP. Lesser cleaning time means lesser money to pay to cleaning service provider. 

You don't have to get tired by cleaning the house yourself. Contact the professional cleaning service provider and let them do the work for you.

We have a group of cleaner who are good and experience in cleaning after Home Improvement Program. 

House valuation cleaning ©: 

Needless to say house valuation of dirty, dusty and messy house will be lower than in its clean condition. 

The following things should be done before getting buyers to view your house.

You should get painting service first before you engage professional house cleaning service if your house painted wall at living room and bedrooms are full with many scratch marks, some fingerprints and footprints at here and there, some stubborn stains and black spots at many areas. 

Kitchen stove, counter tops, kitchen hood and hob will be required to get good cleaning service too if those are greasy, oily and dirty. 

And make sure to get cleaning service for bathrooms and toilets also if those are dirty with molds and stains.

Don’t get headache by thinking of doing all these cleaning alone.  Singapore house cleaning service provider is always here to help you do those cleaning jobs. Our house cleaners are professional and providing house cleaning services every day at everywhere in Singapore. You just need to contact us and our house cleaners will get the job done for you.

Before / After party cleaning ©

Before party cleaning:  It’s a kind of house cleaning before the party time. This type of house cleaning service will be required to make sure the house is clean, neat, tidy and presentable to your colleagues and friends.

Some of our customers request to have some helpers during party time to help in kitchen, to clean at party area if there is some spillage, to clean washroom and toilets.

After party cleaning: Some customer gets only this cleaning service after party.

House will be very messy and dirty after party. And cleaning time will be longer and may need more house cleaners depending on the cleanliness of the house.

Moving in cleaning © 

Our house cleaning customers get moving-in cleaning service when they are moving into new home or if they rent out their house to new tenant as house cleaning must be done professionally according to tenancy agreement.

This type of house cleaning service is called house moving in cleaning if the house cleaning is scheduled before handover to new tenant. 

Moving out cleaning © 

As for the tenant side, house cleaning must be done professionally too at the end of tenancy agreement and return the clean house to landlord. 

This type of cleaning service is called moving out cleaning service.

Professional House Cleaning Services Singapore

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