SG House Cleaning Services provider offers many types of regular weekly house cleaning packages and rates such as

  • once a week,
  • twice a week,
  • thrice a week cleaning service and
  • short-term regular weekly house cleaning services upon customer’s request. 

Some of our clients require short-term weekly domestic cleaning service for about one to two months if their full time maid is on long leave or sick. Some needs short-term weekly house cleaning if they have some special guests at home and staying there for one to two months. Short-term weekly house cleaning service rate is slightly higher than long-term weekly cleaning service package rate.

Some of our clients are using our weekly house cleaning service for many years. Even though our house cleaning package rate has gone up at some point from   year to year, we are still giving the original price to those loyal clients who are using our cleaning service for many years.

House cleaning time duration is varying from house to house depending on requirements, house cleaning job scopes and size of the house.

We arrange only one part time cleaner for weekly domestic cleaning service.

Our minimum package for weekly house cleaning service is 3~4 hours with 1 cleaner, once a week package. This package is suitable for 3 to 4 rooms HDB flat, 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms condominium.

Whole house cleaning will not be completed in 3~4 hours with one cleaner unless the house is studio apartment. So, client needs to customize and prioritize the cleaning tasks for the part time cleaner to do in 4 or 5 hours scheduled time frame.

House Cleaning Services - Windows Cleaning

Following house cleaning tasks are not required to do in every cleaning session.

  • Windows and grills cleaning
  • Cleaning of ceiling fan or stand fan
  • Cleaning internal surfaces of drawers, kitchen cabinet, fridges, wardrobes and etc.

Above stated job scopes can be done periodically.

Even though “ 3~4 hours, once a week “ regular weekly house cleaning package is enough to maintain and clean the house area less than 1000 square feet, some clients would like to get higher rate package “5 hours, once a week”, as their requirement is not only house cleaning but also ironing service. Client needs to inform SG House Cleaning Service provider in advance if ironing service is required as an additional for your weekly house cleaning service package because some of our part time cleaners are not able to do ironing and we need to arrange a part time cleaner who can do both ironing and cleaning for your house.

If there is small kids or pets at home and it’s easily to get messy and dirty, 2 or 3 times a week, regular weekly cleaning service will be necessary even though the house is not very big. 

Even for the big house, let’s say floor area about 1500 square feet, “3~4 hours, once a week” cleaning package is suitable if there is only a few people staying there, no ironing service, some rooms are locked and not required to clean too.

Weekly House Cleaning Services Singapore

Weekly house cleaning - Cleaning Services SingaporeSG House Cleaning Service provider will advice you which weekly house cleaning package is suitable for your house upon receiving the following information.

  • House / floor area  (square feet or square meter)
  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets
  • Type of the house (HDB, condo, landed property or studio apartment)
  • Ironing service requirement (Yes or No)
  • Pets (cat, dog, etc.) at home (Yes or No)
  • Terms of weekly house cleaning service (Long term or short term).

Feel free to contact us right now & let our professional advice you suitable house cleaning rate / price and package for your house cleaning regularly.

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